CIMA Catalunya proposes measures to implement gender equity in Catalan cinema

The Association of Women Filmmakers and Audiovisual Media (CIMA) Catalonia has presented a proposal to the Catalan Institute of Cultural Enterprises (ICEC) to end gender inequality in Catalan cinema.

Only 16% of the films are directed by women, and only 26% of the different departments in film have women as the head, according to the CIMA, in which the Director of the Degree in Audiovisual Communication, Judith Colell, and Professors Carla Subirana, Anna Marquès and Marta Grau participate.

«In the audiovisual sector, the law on Effective Equality of Women and Men of 2015 has not achieved parity. The low presence of women in positions of responsibility has no specific cause because, in part, it is because of the lack of references and subliminal messages that drive women away from project management,» explained Subirana in an interview with the newspaper El País.

At the moment, the ICEC has committed to listen to proposals to improve the situation of inequality between men and women in cinema, said the director of the Audiovisual area, Francisco Vargas, also to El País.

CIMA, in addition, has written a manifesto to demand a greater presence of women in the audiovisual world. You can read and join.