«Casa Nostra, Casa Vostra», Best Communicator of the Year Award

The handing over ceremony took place within the framework of Jornades Blanquerna, which focus on a reflection on Europe, now that we are faced with important challenges and risks, such as the refugee crisis.

On May 9th, Europe Day, this campaign was launched, an initiative of a group of people who combined the refugee camps on the Greek-Macedonian border with professional or volunteer projects. There, in the face of the so-called «migratory crisis» in the Mediterranean, they protested against the «passivity of the EU and Spain» and pressed for Catalonia to welcome the refugees who want to reach our lands.

Lara Costafreda and Rubén Wagensberg were present at the Auditorium on behalf of the «Casa nostra, casa vostra» team, also known on the net as @VolemAcollir: «Goal 1 to 10 has been fulfilled,» said Wagensberg upon receiving the 'B' of Blanquerna. At least, until the reception is not carried out. This recognition has been voted by students, teachers and staff of our School. «We still have a lot of work to do. And we will!», tweeted the winners at the end of the act.

The Vice-dean Carme Basté welcomed them and Professor Eva Comas commented on the award in a speech remembering a song that «was sung two thousand and seven hundred years ago on both sides of the Aegean Sea, in the same sea where thousands of people are drowning in search of a better life.» She spoke of the Odyssey, which has «crossed 27 centuries of human history to explain how Ulysses could return home to bear witness to what should be the sacred norms of hospitality.» We invite you to recover the entire speech.

With another song, from the «galactic cantautor» Jaume Sisa, the representatives of «Casa Nostra, Casa Vostra» met the students of our School to share their amazing experience knowing, of course, that any evening the sun could rise.