Blanquerna FCRI signed an agreement with the Sichuan International Studies University

The dean of Blanquerna School of Communication and International Relations, Dr. Josep Maria Carbonell, has signed a partnership agreement with the school of Spanish language at the Sichuan International Studies University.

This international program, entitled 3+1+1, opens the possibility for Chinese students to finished their degree at our school, after three years spent in China. Once they get their BA from their home university, these students will enter a Master's course at Blanquerna. Up to 20 Chinese students will come to study at the school in September 2018.

Sichuan International Studies University, located in the fourth biggest city in China, Chongqing, was established in 1950, and is famous for their Language teaching programs, especially in Spanish Language training.

On the 21st of July, a group of professors came to visit our School to take a 10 day Summer Training Course in the area of Spanish local and international relations, EU policy, common research and Spanish Literature.