Blanquerna FCRI offers new postgraduate titles

The Governing Board of the University Ramon Llull has approved four proposals for new postgraduate degrees presented by our School: three master’s courses in the field of International Relations and a diploma of university specialization in Journalism.

These new titles will be offered from the academic year 2017-2018, and, regarding the three master's degrees of RRII, these will be taught in English.

The objective of the Master’s course in Globalization and Strategies of Public Policies of Development is to professionally train students, both in terms of the design of public development policies and in what concerns their execution and evaluation in the framework of institutions and organizations, as well as in government departments, development cooperation agencies, international agencies, the media, non-governmental organizations or social movements.

The Master’s course in Peace and Conflict Studies will provide theoretical and methodological tools to enable students to analyze key issues related to peace, security and conflict, as well as their arguments.

The Master's Degree in Global Security and Anticipatory Intelligence will allow the practice of security analysts and / or prospective ones, providing competences such as gathering, evaluating and processing information; strategic analysis and assessment in all kinds of situations; or the anticipation and planning. These skills are valuable in many professional fields, such as management and administration, communication, security, logistics, consulting, marketing, etc.

The University Specialization Diploma in Data Journalism provides the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to successfully initiate data journalism. In this sense, it deals with topics such as the management of large volumes of data in order to build journalistic stories, ethical questions posed by working with mass data, the most common programming languages, strategies on channels and devices through which journalistic content, concepts and fundamental tools of infographics, and data visualization is distributed.

Moreover, our School also offers the Master’s degree in International Relations is aimed at professionals who wish to specialize in this field and it will provide a comprehensive and transdisciplinary approach to deal with global challenges.