Blanquerna Emerson Global Summit 2017 meets in Barcelona

The Blanquerna School of Communication and International Relations will host the Blanquerna Emerson Global Summit 2017, where professors and students from both centers exchange research and projects.

Throughout the event, participants will be able to attend conferences on diverse subjects, always linked to cultural diplomacy, with guests such as Professor Scott Ratzan, president of the IBInBev Foundation, a specialist in sociomedical sciences; Dr. Paul Fadil, President of the IABD (International Academy of Business Disciplines) and Chair of the Department of Management University of North Florida. On behalf of Emerson College in Boston, Dr. Raul Reis, Dean, Phillip Glenn, Dean Interi, and Brenda Wrigley Department Directors, Marketing and Gregory Payne, Communication Communication Studies. The School will be represented by our dean and a large number of teachers (according to the program)

In addition, other subjects related to communication, technology and sustainability will be looked at in greater depth, with professors, experts and alumni from both centers. The conferences will be developed in a multicultural field where experts will exchange views, this being the base of "cross cultural diplomacy", that encompasses the day.

This meeting is the result of a mutual understanding of the two institutions in the educational field, after more than 15 years of collaboration.