An active School, in times of quarantine

Extraordinary times demand extraordinary measures. And the entire Blanquerna community is making a huge effort to take care of our collective health and, at the same time, keep university life active and dynamic, something we could never have imagined.

There are numerous examples of how students are keeping their projects alive in social media. Such as the case of @coffeeandcom, a Twitter account of seminar students of the Degree in Journalism and Corporate Communication. They are the ones with the longest track record! Before, they were already active, now they are much more so!

Also, Global Communication Management Students have joined. You can follow @become_relevant on Twitter or Instagram, where you will find accounts such as @werglobal, @professional.skills and @GlobalGramers, all projects managed by them, under the supervision of their tutors.

#MastersBlanquerna20: TFM s in streaming and live connections

At the end of last week the students of the Master in Entertainment Television Programs Blanquerna-Gestmusic made the first presentations of their final master's project. Even the Master's Degree in Public Affairs Management, Events and Protocol remains active. With the challenge that represents!

What better time for Professor Àlex Comes to offer a class on political branding and digital reputation in the Official Master's degree in Political and Social Communication? From Valencia, yes, but without leaving home. The Master's degree in Sport Communication has also been creative and the students have done a television exercise with Gabriel Oliver, following the instructions of Marta Carreras and Francisco Latorre. Even as far as Venezuela students from the Master's degree in International Journalism went to learn first-hand how the Covid-19 crisis is being held in Caracas.

enlightenedIn the photo, Professor Eduard Triay, director of the Master's Degree in Public Affairs Management, Events and Protocol.