A dialogue between professionals in the Master's Degree in Advanced Journalism

More than 50 people, including Alumni, undergraduate students, professors and graduates from other universities attended the academic event "Conversations between professionals. Journalist Ricard Ustrell interviewed the pioneer of photojournalism Joana Biarnés", on the television set of our Faculty.

The event was organized by the Official Master's degree in Advanced Journalism. Reporter-Group Godó and the Alumni Department. During the event, Ricard Ustrell, director and conductor of "El suplement" by Catalunya Ràdio and the first presenter of the new TV3 "Frequently asked questions" debate program, explained how to approach a new interview in an audiovisual format and subsequently a group of students from the Master’s course were able to interview veteran photojournalist Joana Biarnés.

During the academic session, several professors and students also participated actively in raising questions and issues related to the exercise of reporting; such as the winning photograph of World Press Photo 2018; an exhibition that can be seen today at the CCCB in Barcelona.

Joana Biarnés, considered the first photojournalist woman in Spain, explained her commitment to photojournalism, the need for current photojournalism to also highlight the positive aspects of our societies, and that professionals are more widely recognized both professionally and in terms of their work.

The Official Master's degree in Advanced Journalism. Reporting is one of the most relevant of its specialty, and it is addressed to all those journalists and communicators who wish to specialize in reporting and improve their management strategies in the digital environment and hypermedia. Journalism today has a professional outlet that integrates the production of content, the mastery of new technologies and the ability to create and manage innovative projects. Seventy professors and professionals from the field participate in this Master’s course.

Ricard Ustrell: "The grace of the new formats is that you can break everything and everything is there to be done."

Joana Biarnés: "The photo is you. The photo machine is just a tool"