A class with the global communication director of the Uterqüe brand (Inditex Group)

Within the seminar 7 «Role advertisers-agency I» of the Degree in Advertising, Public Relations and Marketing, taught by Professor Beto Sanz, we were visited by Mr. Stavros Georgakarakos, Director of Worldwide Communication of the Uterqüe brand (Inditex Group).

Mr. Stavros shared with the students how he manages a clothing brand that looks for a position within the segment of quality clothing with a tendency to luxury, and how his communication should work in order to move away from the idea that people have of Inditex brands: fast fashion and cheap prices.

At the end of the session he presented three real problems for global markets (not only the Spanish one) so that, during this semester and within the role of advertiser, the students of the seminar could work on advertising briefings, internal communication and promotional actions that will work with the groups that play the role of agency.