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Continuing education course in Mindfulness: balance and harmony with reality

Academic year closed

TEU en en l'Art d'Ajudar i Cuidar-se: Mindfulness, Actituds i Valors
  • Modality
    Hybrid learning format
  • Languages
    Catalan, Spanish
  • Duration
    39 h
  • Date
    April 6, 2024
  • Planning

    On-site Saturday from 9.00 to 14.00Wednesday online from 18.00 to 19.30

  • Places
  • Location


    Blanquerna-URL - Carrer del Císter, 34. 08022 Barcelona

  • Faculty

    School of Psychology, Education and Sport Science


This course focuses on the knowledge and experience of some essential aspects of reality that harmonize us and foster a more satisfying, appropriate and realistic helping relationship.


Foster an attitude of confidence in one's own potential and that of others and increase knowledge about transience, interdependence and openness (both theoretically and practically).


This training program is aimed at professionals who are dedicated to helping or caring for other people (psychologists, teachers, doctors, speech therapists, nurses, physiotherapists, social educators…).
It can also be aimed at people interested in their personal growth or cultivating balance and mental calm, and you do not need to have a specific degree to access it.


Face-to-face Saturday from 9.00 to 14.00: May 6, June 10 and July 1Wednesday online from 6pm to 7.30pm: April 12, 19 and 26; May 3, 10, 17, 24 and 31 and June 7, 14, 21 and 28


Balance and harmony with reality

  • Confidence: Relying on one's own potential and abilities, as well as those of those involved in the intervention, is essential for effective and satisfying action.
  • Interdependence: Life is interactive, governed by interdependence. Our well-being is based on collaboration with others. Being open to giving and receiving is essential, especially in the helping relationship.
  • Transient: Everything is constantly changing and transforming, learning to live with this changing reality adapts us to reality and offers us an opportunity for freshness and renewal in every moment.
  • Opening: Reality is not absolute, but relative; it depends on many factors, especially our attitude and perspective. Thus, we are not completely determined, we can learn to be open and adaptive.


Dra. Núria Farriols. Doctor in Psychology, clinical psychologist at the Hospital de Mataró and full professor at the FPCEE Blanquerna. Member of the Communication and Health Research Group (URL). He has 8 years of experience in meditation practice and training.

Teaching staff

Prof. Ferran Aliaga. Clinical psychologist at the mental health center as well as the Short Stay Hospitalization Unit at Mataró Hospital. He has 8 years of experience in meditation practice and training.

Dra. Núria Farriols. Doctor in Psychology, clinical psychologist at the Hospital de Mataró and full professor at the FPCEE Blanquerna. Member of the Communication and Health Research Group (URL). He has 8 years of experience in meditation practice and training.

Prof. Basili Llorca. Trained in Buddhist philosophy and meditation in centers in India, Nepal and France, he is President and Founder of the Universal Education Association and the Dharmadhatu Association. Master in Methods for Personal Growth.
He has been teaching meditation for over 25 years.

Prof. Teresa Pretel. Graduate in Psychology, General Health Psychologist and member of the Communication and Health Research Group. (URL) Master in Narrative Therapy. Individual and group psychotherapy in the private sector and in research. He has 5 years of experience in meditation practice and training.


Consult the pre-enrollment manual here

  • Pre-enrollment costs €50, which will be deducted from the enrollment fee and will be refunded if the course is not held because the minimum number of enrolled students is not reached.
  • Payment is made by credit card on this website (click on virtual enrollment). If payment is not made, the enrollment will not be registered.
  • The School does not commit to holding the course if the minimum number of 13 enrolled students is not reached.
  • ​Pre-enrollment and/or enrollment may remain open until the deadline indicated or until the available places are taken.
  • The amount paid for enrollment on the course will only be refunded if it is canceled by the School.
  • Failure to apply for any of the discounts provided for certain groups is the responsibility of the enrolling student.

Information of interest

For a good use of the training, the course is limited to 30 places, which will be attended by strict order of registration.

In order to be entitled to the certificate of achievement, attendance is compulsory in 80% of the course.

Pre-registration and / or registration may remain open until the deadline or until all available places are filled.

El curs s'impateix en català i castellà.

According to Order ENS / 248/2012, of 20 August, this course is considered as permanent training for non-university teachers.

The Faculty does not undertake to take the course if it does not reach the minimum number of registrations.

Pre-registration cost: € 50 (will be deducted from the total amount once registration has taken place)

€ 495
Course price
Biblioteca de la Facultat de Psicologia Ciències de l'Educació i de l'Esport


Preu del curs: 495 €

Descompte alumni: 10%

Cost de preinscripció: 50 € (es descomptaran de l'import total un cop es realitzi la matrícula)

PREINSCRIPCIÓ a partir de l'11 de març 2022

Aquí podeu consultar el manual per fer la preinscripció

  • L’import de la preinscripció és de 50€ que es descomptaran de l'import de la matrícula i que seran retornats en el cas de no realitzar-se el curs per no arribar al nombre mínim d'inscrits.
  • El pagament es fa efectiu mitjançant aquest web amb targeta de crèdit (cliqueu inscripció virtual). Si no es fa el pagament, la inscripció no queda registrada.
  • La Facultat no es compromet a fer el curs si no arriba al nombre mínim de 13 inscripcions.
  • ​La preinscripció i/o la matrícula podran romandre obertes fins el termini indicat o fins exhaurir les places disponibles.
  • Només es retornarà l’import pagat en concepte d’inscripció al curs en el cas que aquest sigui anul·lat per la facultat.
  • La no adscripció a algun dels descomptes previstos per a determinats col·lectius és responsabilitat de l’inscrit.


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