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Guillem Turro Ortega

Guillem Turro Ortega

[email protected]

Academic training

2011 | Universitat De Barcelona | Doctor en Pedagogia

1997 | Universitat Ramon Llull | Llicenciatura en Filosofia

1997 | Universitat De Barcelona | Llicenciatura en Geografia i Història

Recent teaching

Bachelor degrees and double majors

Practicum II Degree in Sports Sciences

Practicum: ethics, Deontology, and Professional Competences Degree in Psychology

Culture and contemporary thinking Degree in Sport Management

Ethics and social responsibility of the company Degree in Sport Management

Doctoral and Master's degrees

Advanced training for the teaching of Physical Education Official master in training teachers for secondary and sixth-form teaching, vocational training and language teaching. Speciality: Physical education

Research groups

Assistant Researcher | Research and Innovation Group in Sport and Society Institut de Recerca en Esport, Salut i Societat de Barcelona (Re-Sport)


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