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Personal expenses

Life in Barcelona goes far beyond the university environment. It is worth discovering the culture and customs that characterize the city, as well as getting excited about being part of the various leisure activities that are organized there.

From music concerts to festivals or temporary exhibitions in museums. Barcelona's cultural network is very extensive and diverse, alluding to the city's multiculturalism. Surely you will find activities that arouse your curiosity.

Don't miss any details about the city and start planning your leisure expenses. Remember to check out the discounts you can enjoy to make your experiences more affordable.

Some of the activities and approximate prices are:

  • Cinemas: from 6 to 12 €
  • Museums: from 0 to 15 €
  • Nightclubs: from 10 €
  • Concerts: from 16 €

Take a look at this website to keep up to date with the latest news on the cultural agenda and be encouraged to find out all the details!

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