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Book presentation: «Història del Periodisme de Catalunya»

January 11, 2017#Institutional

On Monday, in the Palace of the Generalitat, the book «Història del Periodisme de Catalunya», directed by Professor Francesc Canosa, was presented.

Presentació del llibre «Història del Periodisme de Catalunya»

It is a piece of work in three volumes in which you will find everything: first publications, newspapers, magazines, photojournalism, radio, news agencies, television, social networks ... from the fourteenth century until now.

This book, edited by Sàpiens, has almost 700 pages and more than 1000 images. Other professors from our School have participated, such as Elena Yeste, Enric Vila, Cinto Niqui, Josep Lluís Micó, Albert Sáez and Sergi Doria.

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