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FPCEE- Fira reli 2022

We celebrate the Reli Fair 2022!

November 3, 2022

The Reli Fair 2022 was held on October 21 as part of the optional pathway of the Ecclesiastical Statement of Academic Competence (DECA) for future teachers of Catholic religion.

It is a display of resources and materials for teaching the Catholic religion in schools. For several years, the faculty of the Humanities Area of Educational Studies, which teaches the elective courses of the Ecclesiastical Statement of Academic Competence (DECA) itinerary, has made available to students this teaching strategy typical of the Blanquerna training model for future teachers of the Catholic religion.

The Fair, which fosters an active approach through viewing, research, reading and comparison, is intended to make students aware of existing materials and resources; at the same time, it seeks to promote the creation of its own materials and the need to be aware of the possibility of sharing resources and materials with other curricular areas; ultimately, it wants to know what pedagogical elements or foundations would support a didactic proposal if these kinds of materials and resources were available and used in the school.

Students were able to find resources and materials in paper, games and audiovisual format; support elements, for consultation, reading and observation; works carried out with the students and by the students, as well as tables of elements, objects and symbols of different religious traditions. It was a highly valuable and positive experience for the students. It was a motivating day in which students discovered new teaching methods that have helped them to reinforce the aims of the subject and to position themselves as teachers.

The opinions and considerations of the students after passing through the Fair underscore how much value the students value religion, which demonstrates the validity of religion as a core subject in the training of future teachers of the Catholic religion, training that allows for the reconversion of ideas and prejudices as teachers and that is innovative, reflective, critical, useful and open to new perspectives.

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