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Presentation of «The Academy of Network Cinema»

Presentation of «The Academy of Network Cinema»

September 15, 2017

The Catalan Film Academy and the Spanish Film Academy have presented the project «The Academy of Network Cinema» in Barcelona, a program that aims to articulate a network to improve and publicize the activities carried out by the institution at different points of Spanish geography.

It is an initiative whose objective is to promote cinematography and culture by bridging the gap between academics and creators. "The more things we can do together, the better. Our mission is for Catalan, Spanish and European cinema to travel, spread, help one another, and be seen by more people”, said the president of the Catalan Film Academy and professor of the School, Isona Passola.

The event was also attended by the President of the Spanish Film Academy, Yvonne Blake, its Vice Presidents, Mariano Barroso and Nora Navas, and Board Member and Director of the Audiovisual Communication Degree Judith Colell.

All those present have agreed to embrace the initiatives that are concerned with uniting, contributing and eliminating the borders in the cinema. | Picture from SGAE

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