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#FacingChange at TEDxBlanquerna

#FacingChange at TEDxBlanquerna

April 30, 2015

Next Wednesday 6 May, from 3:30 to 8:30 p.m., Blanquerna School of Communication and International Relations will be holding the first TEDxBlanquerna event. Speakers from several areas of knowledge will share their experiences and points of view.

TEDxBlanquerna will focus on “Facing Change”, with the aim of making accessible to the public the keys to understanding and analyzing a world in constant change, which generates new paradigms and opportunities.

They will be a total of seven speakers from the fields of communication, advertising, design, politics, journalism, psychology, magic and entrepreneurship who will explain how to face change within their own professions.

Elisabet Cantenys will speak about «Journalism in danger», Héctor Fuster about «Learning from game-playing and fiction», the Magician Txema Muñoz with «Living a dream, this is magic», Marc Mallafré with «Brand Yourself», and Ángel Pardo about «How the way you get your first job has changed». Professors Josep Rom and Fabio del Alisal will speak about «The smart city of the intelligent citizens» «How to be a happy society», respectively.

During the day, two TED speeches will be projected and also at breaks between sessions, there will be activities related to virtual reality, printing in 3D and Flywheel.

TED is an annual event in which thinkers and entrepreneurs share experiences and knowledge about what they feel passionate about. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design, the big areas which drive our culture nowadays.

With the aim of reaching a local public all over the world, the organisation launched the project TEDx, permitting people to create an event independently of TED but following the essence and guidelines of the organisation.

This conference is open to everyone. Registration is required.

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