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Graduacio FCS 2022

Blanquerna-URL schools celebrate their graduation acts

June 28, 2022

The three Blanquerna-URL schools have celebrated this month of June their graduation acts.

Schoolof Psychology, Sciences of Education and Sport

On June 18th, the graduation ceremony of the School of Psychology, Sciences of Education and Sport will take place at the Barcelona Auditorium. Dr. David Bueno, director of the UB-EDU1ST Chair of Neuroeducation, will sponsor the 74th graduating class in Early Childhood Education, Primary Education and subsequent degrees; i the former professor of the School Rafael Nebot will sponsor the 28th promotion of the bachelor's degree in Psychology, the 24th promotion of the bachelor's degree in Speech Therapy, the 20th promotion of the bachelor's degree in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences and the 2nd promotion of the bachelor's degree in Sports Management.

At the end of the acts, it is going to announce the awards for the millionth expedients, for the following students: Marta Delgado Toral (Early Childhood Education); Joana Ponce Parés (Primary Education); Alba Pascó Castro (second degree in Early Childhood Education); Marina Tarrés Benet (second degree in Primary Education); Marta del Pino Maturano (Sports Management); Claudia Baraut Grau (CAFE); Judit Bober Alzamora (Speech Therapy) and Miriam Provenzano Fandos (Psychology).

School of Communication and International Relations

The basilica of Santa Maria del Mar hosted on June 11 with the graduation ceremony of the School of Communication and International Relations. They are going to graduate the twenty-and-fifth class of degrees in Advertising, Public Relations and Marketing, Journalism and Corporate Communication, and Audiovisual Communication, the seventeenth class of the degree in International Relations, and the first class of graduates in Global Communication Management. The graduates of this quest were sponsored by Dr. Josep Maria Carbonell, the former dean of the school.

The directors of the degrees presented the extraordinary awards to the best academic records to Jan Sabater Mestres (Audiovisual Communication); Quim Roura Cortina (Journalism and Corporate Communication); Ferran Montserrat Moliner and Ismael Sánchez Sánchez (Advertising, Public Relations and Marketing), Gabriela Carrera (International Relations) and Adriana Chiva Polvillo (Global Communication Management).

School of Health Sciences

On June 16th, the Faculty of Health Sciences graduation ceremony was held at the Palau de la Música Catalana. Mrs. Elena Puigdevall Grau, psychologist and nurse and general director of the Fundació Aspace Catalunya, will sponsor the 27th promotion of Nursing and Physiotherapy, the 17th of Human Nutrition and Dietetics

At the end of the act, the awards were presented to the graduates with the best academic record, which corresponded to: Mireia Albalate Rivera (Physiotherapy); Marta Tutó Fernández de Viana (Nursing); and Yael Puyol Martín (Human Nutrition and Dietetics).

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