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Blanquerna FCRI celebra els vincles amb empreses i institucions col·laboradores

Blanquerna FCRI celebrates ties with companies and collaborating institutions

April 21, 2015

As part of the celebration of the twentieth anniversary of Blanquerna School of Communication and International Relations, a dinner was held on Monday with the leading companies and institutions in the field of communication and international relations.

Representatives of one hundred twenty-five companies and collaborating institutions were present, in order to highlight the bridge built during the past twenty years for the benefit of more than 6,000 professionals that have graduated from Blanquerna FCRI.

"Just this year I’ve signed 450 cooperation agreements," said during his speech, the Dean of the School, Dr. Josep Maria Carbonell. "It’s our aim to transform the School into a nucleus for the business world."

The event was attended by Mr. Juan José Brugera, president of the Board of Trustees of the Ramon Llull University; the chancellor Dr. Josep Maria Garrell and Dr. Salvador Pié Ninot, president of Blanquerna.

Since 1998, the School has signed agreements with more than 1,800 leaders from the sectors of Communication and International Relations.

There was a brief lecture by Mr. Bant Breen, CEO of Qnary, a company specializing in digital reputation, based in New York, who emphasized the importance of the digital sector and presented a discussion about privacy and the different concerns that the use of technology generates in Europe and the United States.

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