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Languages at the university and in the city

Like Barcelona, URL has two official languages: Catalan and Spanish. Here people speak both languages, as you'll hear both on campus and off. You will have the opportunity to learn them by taking free language courses (worth 2 ECTS each) offered each semester at Blanquerna. In the case of the School of Psychology, Education and Sport Sciences, only Catalan courses are offered, which are 1.5 ECTS each. In addition, for beginners in Catalan, we offer two websites to help you start learning a little more. These are great tools to help you with the language!

  • Speak Catalan: "survival course for foreign students in the university setting".
  • "a virtual learning space offering materials for learning Catalan".

Language requirements
Students do not have to present any certificate to accredit their level of Spanish or Catalan, but they should bear in mind that persons who do not have the necessary linguistic skills may have difficulty participating in class and may ultimately fail to successfully complete their examinations and, therefore not obtain the corresponding credits. The recommended level of Spanish or Catalan is a minimum of B1.

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