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Interuniversity Master Degree in Communication and Language Disorders

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MI Trastorns de la Comunicació i del llenguatge
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    School of Psychology, Education and Sport Science


The interuniversity master degree in Communication and Language Disorders is a joint program between the University of Barcelona and Ramon Llull University. Two specialties have been designed: Intervention and research in speech and language therapy and Updating and research in language, voice and hearing loss.

The main objective of the master degree is for students to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to carry out research, assessments and interventions in the field of communication and language disorders, both in terms of their effects on those directly affected, and in their educational settings, always from the accredited professional perspective of the bachelor degree with which the students access the master degree.

It will provide a better understanding of the origins and consequences of communication and language disorders in such a way that professionals will be able to improve patient well-being and enable them to conduct research and assessments related to these disorders.

As is common knowledge, caring for people affected by communication and language disorders requires an interdisciplinary approach. In this sense, this master degree aims to expand the knowledge of all new graduates and professionals from different disciplines who are interested in research, assessment, diagnosis and treatment of disorders of speech, voice, non-verbal oral functions - such as swallowing -, oral and written language and other forms of communication in people of any age, as well as the planning and execution of preventive interventions to reduce the incidence of these disorders and to improve verbal and communication functions in healthy people.

Coordination at Ramon Llull University:

Dr. Josep Maria Vilà

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