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Extracurricular internships

Blanquerna-URL offers its students the possibility of combining their studies with extracurricular external academic internships.

These are training activities that allow students to apply and complement the knowledge acquired in their academic training, enable the acquisition of skills for the exercise of professional activities, facilitate employability and promote the ability to 'entrepreneurship.

Depending on the profile of each person, internships can be done in different areas of the Blanquerna-URL university centers.

The advantages of doing these extracurricular external academic internships are several:

  • Internships are endowed with a grant or scholarship.
  • Schedule flexibility during internships and / or exams.
  • Get to know the university better.
  • Expand the network of contacts within the university (networking).

The call for these extracurricular external academic internships comes out between July and September. To access it, you must submit your CV to the call you want to apply for, and then a selection is made from all the candidates.


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