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Blanquerna Impulsa Awards

Blanquerna Impulsa Awards

The aim of the Blanquerna Impulsa Awards is to raise awareness of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (2015-2030), to foster knowledge of them among the educational community and encourage the involvement of its members.

These awards give recognition to projects or activities that take place in the school environment and include an initiative designed to raise awareness and contribute to a common roadmap for all the inhabitants of the planet.

The objective of the Fifth Blanquerna Impulsa Awards is to promote and publicize the best projects implemented during the 2022-2023 academic year for each of the categories, and meet the requirements established in these regulations within the thematic area of the three goals "Zero Hunger", "Quality Education" and "Climate Action".



Award for activities in the field of communications

Included in this category are projects that involve audio-visual or digital activities, the organization of events (symposium, forum, debate, etc.), artistic or literary activities, whose purpose is to promote knowledge, report problems, pinpoint or raise awareness of any topic related to the objectives of the awards scheme.

Award for activities in the field of school education

Included in this category are projects that include an activity or set of activities promoting knowledge of any subject related to the theme of this year's awards, with a view to establishing the presence of the Sustainable Development Goals in the curriculum, in the school's educational project, or in the entire educational community.

Award for activities in the field of health

Included in this category are projects that involve any activity or group of activities intended to improve integral health within the school or in its immediate environment. It includes initiatives for training, awareness raising and risk prevention or improvements in any area related to the objectives of this edition in the field of health.

Award for activities in the field of international relations

Included in this category are projects that include any activity or set of activities designed to promote knowledge, or interdisciplinary or cross-sectional studies of any subject related to the objectives of this year's awards, in conjunction with another educational or social institution outside Spain. In this category, additional credit will be given for the mobilization of the two communities, the link created between them, and the cross-cultural incidence of the project.

Awards calendar

November 15, 2022

Opening of registration for the Awards.

May 20, 2023

Closing date for submission of entries.

May 31, 2023

Announcement of short-listed entries.

June 20, 2023

Presentation of the Impulsa Awards.

Regulations for the 5th edition

Boys and girls who are studying the 4th year of compulsory secondary education, the 1st or 2nd year of baccalaureate, or a vocational training cycle, at any educational center in Catalonia, Andorra and the Balearic Islands, can submit projects for the awards. Since the 3rd edition projects have been accepted from educational centers all over Spain that are interested in competing for the Awards.

The winning projects in each category will receive two prizes: – a prize for the school, and – a prize for each member of the winning group. Each center will receive a diploma certifying its participation.

primera edició premis blanquerna impulsa

Thematic area 5th edition

The thematic area of the fifth edition is the goals of "Zero Hunger", "Quality Education" and "Climate Action" (Sustainable Development Goals 2, 4 and 13).

Mode A

Groups of students (up to four) from the same year who, with the involvement and supervision of a member of the teaching staff, prepare a project that has a positive impact on their school, or on their social or family environment.

The whole class may participate in the project but no more than four students may appear as the authors of the entry submitted for the awards.

Mode B

For secondary schools that have implemented initiatives or projects during the 2021-22 academic year to improve aspects related to the three SDGs of this year's awards.


Any public, private or state-assisted school teaching ESO, baccalaureate or middle and higher level vocational training can enter for the awards.

Yes. For the fifth edition of the Awards, entries must have a direct link to the goals of "Zero Hunger", "Quality Education" and "Climate Action" (Sustainable Development Goals 2, 4 and 13).

No. They must be from the same center and a representative of the teaching staff must supervise the project they submit.

They can be from the same year or from different levels as long as they are students in the 4th year of ESO, 1st or 2nd year of Baccalaureate or are following a middle or higher level vocational training cycle at the same school.

The maximum number of authors per project is four students. If a center enters for more than one category, the students participating must be different. The only person who can appear in more than one category is the member of staff designated by the center to supervise the project.

Registration to participate in the awards opens on October 1, 2022. The documentation required must be submitted from February 3, 2023. The closing date for submitting documentation is May 14, 2023.

There is no closing date for registration. It should be noted, however, that registration must be completed before the necessary documentation for the entry is submitted, the closing date for which is May 14, 2023.

This is not essential. A school can submit an activity it has already carried out in previous years, within the time limits established by the regulations.

As indicated in the regulations, a school can submit up to three initiatives, as long as they are in different categories.

The names of the winning schools and students will be announced during the awards ceremony on June 20, 2023.The short-listed candidates will be notified on May 31, 2023.

For any other queries or problems that may arise, please contact the awards organizers (<[email protected]>, tel. 932533058).


Previous editions

The SDGs and Blanquerna-URL

The SDGs have gained enormous momentum in recent years because, unlike other campaigns, like the MDGs that preceded them, they address all countries, not just the most vulnerable. Moreover, they emphasize the links between the social, economic and environmental dimensions of sustainable development and call for the explicit involvement of companies, civil society, the third sector and, of course, the university.

Personal Blanquerna amb els ODS

Companies and SDGs

Blanquerna-URL invites institutions and the business world to support projects that go beyond each organization, so that together we can bring about a more sustainable world.

The Blanquerna Impulsa Awards seek to create a network of companies, universities and schools, in line with the spirit of the last SDG, number 17, which urges us to: "Encourage and promote effective public, public-private and civil society partnerships, building on the experience and resourcing strategies of partnerships."


Companies supporting the scheme and partner institutions Fifth Awards:

Companies supporting the scheme and partner institutions in previous years:


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