International Relations at Blanquerna Faculty of Psychology and Educational and Sports Sciences

International Relations at Blanquerna Faculty of Psychology and Educational and Sports Sciences, Ramon Llull University, are a strategic element of the centre. Every year there are more and more students, teachers, researchers and administrative staff welcome to our centre or doing placements abroad from our faculty.

The Faculty’s strategy of internationalization has three main objectives: 1. To improve processes of international relations in our university; 2. To increase quality internationalization of our Faculty; and 3. To excel in all our graduate, postgraduate, doctorate and research programmes.

Internationalization programmes are structured in two main areas: Mobility of teaching staff and researchers, and Mobility of students. Teaching and research mobility is addressed at teachers and researchers from our university and other universities who need to carry out placements to give lectures, improve their knowledge, or develop international predoctoral and postdoctoral research projects. Student mobility is addressed at undergraduate and postgraduate students from our faculty or from foreign colleges with which we have agreements.

Teachers and researchers, as well as postgraduate students, who want to do international placements, shall contact the Mobility Unit of the Postgraduate Studies and Research Vice-Dean’s Office at the faculty.

Undergraduate students shall contact the Education and International Programmes Vice-Dean’s Office.

Contact people and key addresses:

Mobility for Teaching Staff and Researchers and Postgraduate Students:

Postgraduate Studies and Research Vice-Dean:
Dra. Sacra Morejon

Postgraduate and Research Mobility Unit:
Eva Cañas (
Phone: + 34 - 93 253 3166

Undergraduate Student Mobility:

Vice Dean for Academic and International Affairs
Dr. Maria González Davies (

Undergraduate Students Mobility:
Anna Grabowska (
Phone: + 34 - 93 253 3013

Lola Salcedo (

Phone: + 34 - 93 253 30 00