Relacions internacionals

International Relations

The School of Health Sciences Blanquerna-URL promotes, from its beginning, the exchange of students, professors and support staff with universities and centers abroad because, if the university is an institution that seeks universal knowledge, internationalization must be one of its overarching goals.

With regard to students, specifically, getting to know other countries and different health realities not only prepares them for their professional future, but also enriches them as a person.

For this reason, the SHSB fosters cooperation and collaboration links with foreign universities in order to promote mobility in a wide range of exchange programs with other countries in Europe and Latin America, as well as participation in interuniversity cooperation programs.

The programs 

- Erasmus+ Program:

  • Erasmus+ Study for students
  • Erasmus+ Traineeship for students
  • Erasmus+ Teaching or Training for faculty and staff

- Mobility outside the European Union
- International Outreach Programs

Collaborating agreement

Universities with a collaboration agreement


Office of International Relations
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