The degree in International Relations and the master's degree in Political and Social Communication, among the best in Europe according to the U-Multirank

The URL has been ranked in the top 100 in Europe and the third-best in the state, according to the latest edition of the U-Multirank.

This ranking, promoted by the European Commission, is a tool that evaluates the activity of universities in all their dimensions. Taking these results into account, the URL is the second in the Catalan university system, the third in Spain and the ninety-ninth in Europe.

The study took into account the degree in International Relations, a pioneer in Catalonia, and the Official Master's degree in Political and Social Communication. The solid training from the plurality of theories, methods and transdisciplinarity and work experience placements in companies (above the average of other universities) stand out.

That is why the U-Multirank has positioned the URL in the field of Political Science, taught in our School, as the third in Spain and the thirteenth in Europe.

Specifically, the U-Multirank analyzes more than 1,800 universities in 92 countries, of which 79 are Spanish. To do so, it evaluates these institutions on the basis of 37 indicators, which are grouped into 5 dimensions: 1) teaching and learning; 2) research; 3) knowledge transfer; 4) international orientation, and 5) contribution to regional development.

The scores that institutions obtain on each indicator are: (A) very good, (B) good, (C) average, (D) below average, and (E) weak. Of the 37 indicators analyzed this year, the URL gets 10 with the highest score (A) and 12 with a score above the average (B).

Among the indicators with the highest score are: international academic staff, open access publications, spin-offs, publications cited in patents, graduates (degree) working in the region, graduates (master) working in the region, joint regional publications and regional publications with industrial partners.

enlightened Users can view these rankings on the U-Multirank website, and they can also build their own rankings based on their interests.