International studies

Blanquerna School of Communication and International Relations is aware of the dimensions of the European studies offered and has presented various projects within the internationalization since the academic year 1997-1998. These projects include exchange programmes for students in fourth year, in the case of any of our Communication Degrees; and in third year, in the case of International Relations Degree. We also have exchange programmes for Faculty members and Administration Staff. 

The universities we have bilateral exchange programmes with, for students and teachers are:


Erasmus Programm

Sicue Seneca

South America

United States






Teaching staff with international prestige

Following the international theme, Blanquerna offers students in the second cycle of Journalism and Corporate CommunicationAdvertising, Public Relations and Marketing; and Audiovisual Communication subjects in English for each speciality.

Guest lecturers from other institutions cooperate with the teaching staff at the School, i.e. Dr. Michael Walrave, professor at the Department of Communication of the University of Antwerp, Dr. Gregory Payne, professor at the Department of Communication of Emerson College and Dr. David Bell, professor at the University of Leeds, amongst others.