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We talked with the incoming student Evan Retzlaff

1 de juny de 2023

Evan Retzlaff, incoming student at our School, has recently completed a photojournalism project for TOVO Football Academy. He shared the insights of this project and his experience in the Photojournalism course he's taken at Blanquerna with us, as well as the great opportunity it presented to him


Evan, what would you like to highlight from your stay and your project in Barcelona?

Hi, my name is Evan Retzlaff and I've been an incoming student at Blanquerna this semester. During these months, I've had the chance to work on a photojournalism project about TOVO academy —the hidden gem of football in Catalonia— with professor Sandra Balsells.

The project for photojournalism gave me the chance to return to Sitges and capture the joy of the TOVO academy, something that brought a lot of nostalgia back into my life. Seeing the familiar faces at TOVO and witnessing the experience of these kids growing up, maturing and getting to live outside of their comfort zone reminded me of my own experience at the age of 16, which had a massive influence on my life.

The photojournalism project allowed me to see TOVO academy from an outside perspective and capture it in a different way, a way that wouldn't have been possible without the photojournalism course. The helpful tools and tricks that Sandra Balsells provided when operating the camera are things that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

You can watch the interview on the School's Instagram.

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