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Have you met Fr Joby?

8 de novembre de 2021#Institucional

Father Joby arrived two weeks ago on the campus of the Blanquerna School of Communication and International Relations and will be joining us as a student for his master's degree and other projects for the next two years. We encourage you to learn more about him in the following interview!

Have you met Fr Joby?

Fr Joby was born on June 1st, 1987 and was ordained as a priest on January 1st, 2015 by His Grace Mar Joseph Powathil. Fr Joby belongs to the Missionary Society of St Thomas, the Apostle (MST), Melampara, Kerala, India. He was a conscientious student during his days in the seminary and has performed very well in fulfilling responsibilities entrusted to him over the past seven years as a priest. He has received a Bachelor of philosophy Degree ( Ruhalaya Major Seminary, Ujjain) and a Bachelor of Arts Degree (Vikram University, Ujjain,India, 2007-2010) which he obtained during his seminary studies. He has received a Bachelor of Theology (Paurastya Vidyapitham, Kottayam, India, 2011-2014), and he has completed a Postgraduate degree (M.A. English Literature) from Madurai Kamaraj University, India (2016-2017). In addition, he has recently received a Bachelor of Education Degree (B.Ed.) from Mahatma Gandhi University, Nalgonda, India (2018-2020).

He is a priest of good standing and conduct and we hope that he will be able to support the Missionary Animation and Communication Ministry of the MST in India after his studies.

We encourage you to learn more about him in the following interview!

1. Father, can you explain to us what the purpose of your stay in Barcelona and at our School is?

The purpose of my stay in Barcelona is to do a Masters in Global Communication Management, International relations and Corporate diplomacy. I think for achieving this degree, Blanquerna School of communication is the best in Barcelona.

2. Your university education is based on humanitarian sciences; history, literature and philosophy. How are you experiencing your studies focused on communication? Why do you think it is necessary to complement your studies with these in communication?

Well, History is the communication of past events, literature is the communication of one's feelings and aspirations, and philosophy is the communication of one's thought process. Hence communication is the basis of all these entities. St Augustine says “ God's glory is man fully alive”. In order to raise the quality of our fellow beings, it is inevitable to have good communication skills. Therefore, I hope the masters in Blanquerna will help me to be a good global communicator.

3. How was the beginning of the course in the Master’s in Global Communication and Corporate Diplomacy?

The real person behind my masters in Barcelona is none other than Dr. Josep Maria Carbonell. It is he who made it possible for me to come here for my masters. He oversees my studies, my job, and my stay in Barcelona. I am really indebted to him for his kindness and the care he has taken in my life here. It has been a long cherished dream. My course started with Dr Enric Ordeix who is the director of this masters. He is very caring to me and I started the course with his class which was very informative and inspiring. In our group there are 11 of us from 8 countries. So it's truly INTERNATIONAL.

4. In addition to being a student of the Master's, during your stay here you are going to collaborate in a research project at the Blanquerna Observatory; can you explain what it consists of?

Well, I am really privileged to work with Dr Miriam Díez Bosch, who is the director of the Observatory on Media, religion and culture. I have just started work in the observatory. At present, we are engaged in the study of the Synod in Rome. We are doing a survey internationally to know the responses of the faithful towards this Synod. I am sure it will be a great experience for me to work here as a catholic priest, and I enjoy it. At the observatory, I am well taken care of. Everyone at the observatory is very caring and loving.

5. You come from Kerala; can you explain to us about the presence, and how the Catholic religion is lived there and in the rest of the regions of India?

You know, Kerala is known as “God's own country” for its environmental serenity, climate and plateau etc. We have 2000 years of tradition in christian faith. In AD 52 St Thomas, the Apostle came to Quilon, Kerala to preach the Gospel. Since then we have had christian communities in Kerala. I belong to Syro - Malabar Church. (syromalabarchurch.in)

6. Could you please explain to us what it is and what you do in the Syro-Malabar Catholic community in India?

Syro Malabar Catholic Church is the second largest Oriental Catholic Church and a Major Archiepiscopal Church based in Kerala, India. It is an autonomous (in Latin, sui iuris) particular church in full communion with the pope and the worldwide Catholic Church, with self-governance under the Code of Canons of the Eastern Churches (CCEO). There are 4.25 million members in our church. The church is widely spread over different parts of India and the world.

7. Regarding Barcelona, how are you living this experience here and what is your assessment of the city? Does the image you had in mind of Barcelona coincide with the reality you have found?

I’ve had a very good impression of this modern, olympic city. Although I have travelled to many asian countries, this is the first time I have come to europe. I love this city; it is very beautiful. It is a very well planned city. We have the Sagrada Familia church, Mount Tibidabo, and I enjoy walking through this marvellous city.

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