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Assessment and review

Most journals undergo a review system called a Peer Review. Expert assessment is the process of reviewing scientific articles when they are submitted to a journal for publication.

This correction system consists of sending the article to two or more experts (reviewers) in the corresponding field in order to verify that the content is correct, based on the quality, originality and importance of the work.

Usually, reviewers do not just accept or reject the article, but rather make suggestions to improve the work before it is published.

After the review, the editor decides:

  • To accept the article without making further modifications.
  • To ask the author to make the modifications recommended by the reviewers, and therefore render it likely to be accepted.
  • To ask the author for a thorough review of the article, because they have doubts about its ultimate acceptance.
  • To reject the publication because of the indications made by the reviewers.

If a particular journal rejects publication of an article, we should be able to make use of the corrections made by the reviewers. And adapt to the demands of the new journal: citation style, keywords, abstract etc.


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