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Access Pharmacy

McGrawHill Publishing's digital platform, which gives pharmacy students access to videos, games, Q&A articles, and textbooks to aid their learning, and enables pharmacists to obtain information about drugs, herbs, and supplements.

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Catalan news agency

You must authenticate your user accountCommunication

"Virtual health library" of the "Latin American and Caribbean Center on Health Sciences Information" Database specializing in adolescent health. (not updated since 2014)

Free accessMedicine and health
Adolec (Brazil)

Database specializing in adolescent health in Brazil. Endorsed by the BVS (Virtual Health Library)

Free accessMedicine and health

Database of cinema films

Free accessCommunication

Music database

Free accessCommunication
APA PsycInfo

International bibliography database specializing in Psychology.

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Aranzadi instituciones

Database of Spanish and European legislation and jurisprudence. Created by Thompson&Aranzadi.

AranzadiYou must authenticate your user accountLaw

Digital archive of old Catalan journals. Contains complete collections of journals dealing with Catalan art, language, society and culture.

Free accessMultidisciplinary

Bank of images related to osteoarticular pathology. 1713 images (free consultation, registration required)

Free accessPhysiotherapy, Nursing, Medicine and health

"Virtual health library" of the Latin American and Caribbean Center on Health Sciences Information. Database specializing in nursing.

Free accessNursing, Medicine and health

Spanish food composition database. The values for food composition in this database have been obtained from different sources including laboratories, the food industry and scientific publications.

Free accessNutrition

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