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Psychological tests

Psychological tests

The Library of the Blanquerna School of Psychology, Education and Sports Sciences has a collection of over 300 psychological tests.

Below are details of the conditions for consulting and borrowing this material.

Tests psicologics

Subject classification of tests

Tests are grouped by subject categories, with the following CLASSIFICATION

If you cannot find the subject category you're looking for in this classification or you would like to do a more specific search, you can do a combined search in the catalog using the following search strategy: SUBJECT + TESTS.

Example: (anxiety) (tests)

In the previous section we show you how to search for tests in the catalog based on subject classification.

If you want to search for documents (articles, books, etc.) on a specific test, search by test title or author. For example: WISC-V

  • Borrowing psychological tests is restricted to students and teachers of the Blanquerna School of Psychology, Education and Sport Sciences, provided they are used for academic purposes.
  • Loan duration: each user can borrow a maximum of 2 tests for 1 week and up to 6 renewals can be made (as long as another user has not placed a reserve).
  • Reserves: tests can be placed on reserve through the catalog. The waiting time to collect it is two days, from when you receive the confirmation message.

Each test states the type of correction allowed: either with manual templates or through computer software. For the latter group, bear in mind the following:

Correction of tests via computer software

  • Examples of tests that must be corrected via computer software:
    • Tests published by TEA: NEO-PI-R, SENA, 16-PF, IPP-R, … etc.
    • Tests published by PEARSON: WISC-V, WIPPSI, MCMI-III, CELF-5, BYI-2
  • Most tests that can be corrected via software can also be corrected online. Contact the library staff who will give you the instructions relevant to each case.
  • Each user can make up to a maximum of three corrections per semester of the same degree.
  • If you need to make more corrections, you will have to cover the cost.

Using the UniversiTEA platform, you can consult the manuals of this publisher remotely. To access it for the first time, you need to register from the library. Contact us to request this: [email protected].


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