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Publishing work

Being the author of a publication does not mean that you are entitled to use it. Thus, it is very important, before publishing, to study where to publish it and to take into account open access policies. After publishing, it is important to bear in mind the contract with the magazine, congress, etc. to know which version you can, or can't, publish. This means that, despite being the author, you cannot freely use your publications.

As a priority you should contact your library to discover how to deposit your work in the institutional repository: RECERCAT.

It is advisable to create an author profile that matches the scientific signature you use to publish your work, which will avoid releasing your posts under different names. It is also important to consider copyright considerations.

Once this is complete, you can consider posting on social media, the academic campus (Scala) or on your personal blog.

Below are two of the most popular scientific social networks. And it is advisable not to upload the document directly, but to post a reference to it, in order that whoever wants to view it can ask for it expressly, providing them with the preprint or appropriate version.

Social networks

This social network is a collaborative tool that give free access to scientists and researchers. It lets you share documents, ask and answer questions and find collaborators. Besides the usual functions of social networks, it has a semantic search engine that lets you browse its database of upwards of 35 million records, forums, discussion groups, etc.

The platform is intended for researchers and scientists, and can be used to share articles, monitor numbers of views and facilitate research in specific fields. Despite claiming to have an open-science philosophy, it is not considered an open access repository, nor is it recommended to meet the Green Line requirements of scientific publication. This is because, among other aspects, it is necessary to pay a fee in order to access all the published information. It is also worth highlighting that is not a university, it obtained its domain name before being a university or accredited academic institution to gain such a domain was a prerequisite.


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