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Impact indicators - Journals

Bibliometric indicators for journals

The impact scientific journal indices are the most accepted quality indicators by agencies when assessing publications. They refer to the impact of the journal, but not of each article individually.

What is the impact factor?

The impact factor or impact index measures the impact that a journal has had on scientific literature by analysing citations received by the articles published therein. It can be used to compare journals, compile rankings and reflect the relevance of each publication.

How is it calculated?

The impact factor is reached by dividing the number of citations received by a journal article by the number of articles published. Some items may vary (period of years or type of article). The most used formula is:

I F 2002 = citations received by articles published in 2000 and 2001 / Number of articles published in the period 2000-2001

What is the quartile?

It is an indicator that is used to assess a journal's relative importance within the total number of journals in its area. If you divide the list of journals sorted from most to least impact factor by 4, you get 4 groups of journals, each set being a quartile. Thus, in the first quartile you find the journals with the highest impact factor.

  • What is it?

    It is the highest valued quality indicator by assessment bodies of the research activity. It measures the impact of a journal on the basis of citations received and collected on the Web of Science (WOS). How to find it quickly for recent articles [video 1'27 min.].

  • Indicators offered:
    • Quartile
    • Impact Factor (IF)
    • Journal Citation Indicator (JCI)
    • Eigenfactor
    • Immediacy index
  • Where can you find it?

    JCR (WoS)

  • What is it?

    A portal that gathers scientific indicators on journals and countries extracted from the Scopus database (by Elsevier).

  • Indicators offered:
    • SJR (SCImago Journal & Country Rank)
    • Journal Rank
    • Quartile

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