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Impact indicators - Citations received

Citations received

Indicators that show how many citations a particular article, book, or book chapter has received.

There are three major databases that provide indices to locate citations received by a scientific work or an author: Web of Science, Scopus and Google Scholar.

These indices are used as tools to analyze research activity and count bibliographic citations of scientific papers.

A bibliographic database with reference to works published in over 8,700 scientific journals. The specific feature of ISI databases is that they analyze the references cited in the articles, and provide the number of times an article has been cited. This figure is particularly relevant for accreditations.

The latter also lets you locate more recent articles on the same subject. This system often lets you locate relevant articles that would not be brought up with a normal search by author or subject.

Tutorial for searching for recent articles and their citations.

A database of bibliographic references and citations, produced by Elsevier, with upwards of 71 million records. Besides references, Scopus offers an extensive analysis of citations and the impact of indexed articles and journals.

A tool with which researchers can create a profile. Researchers can use this profile to locate the citations received by their works, as well as other indicators such as the h-index, average citations per year, etc.


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