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Resource guide

School of Communication and International Relations

Difusió i audiències

Outreach and audiences




  • AIMC
    Asociación para la Investigación de Medios de Comunicación (Association for Media Research). It conducts audience studies of the media, such as the Estudio General de Medios (EGM, the General Media Study) or the General Media Framework in Spain, which relate socioeconomic data and consumption of media and cultural products.
  • Barlovento Comunicación
    A communications consultancy that publishes a blog with monthly reports with data on television audiences, Internet, etc., downloadable in PDF format.
  • EGM
    An annual population-based study, also conducted by the AIMC, that analyzes the consumption habits of all kinds of media, household products and equipment, and lifestyles, on a sample of 30,000 individuals over the age of 14. It is divided into three annual "waves". You can find a free summary of the results since 2000, in the section Universe and sample > Previous
  • Fórmula TV. Audiencias
    A website about television in Spain that offers daily and monthly data of audiences by channels, programs, share, etc.
  • Kantar Media. Medición de audiencias
    Kantar Media measures television audiences and other channels in Spain. It provides some brief articles but no free data.
  • VerTele
    A summary of Kantar Media data: daily and cumulative audience share of national, regional and pay-TV channels; a ranking of programs with the highest audience share and a daily report of programs by time slot.

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