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Gianni Rodari


"We inhabit language as a fish inhabits water, not as a swimmer does. The swimmer can get in and out of the water, while the fish must always live in it."

"Reading is either a moment in life, free, full and disinterested, or it is nothing." Fantasy school

Gianni Rodari was an Italian teacher, journalist and writer who made a notable contribution to the world of educational renewal, through his techniques to stimulate creativity in children. These techniques were applied in his stories and were also explained in some of his books, which included: Grammatica della fantasia. Introduzione all'arte di inventare storie and Scuola di fantasia.

Gianni Rodari

His books

Gianni Rodari

Books about him


Official page marking the centenary of his birth

Material on Gianni Rodari compiled by the Diputació de Barcelona


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