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Find your Master's Degree in Health at Blanquerna-URL!

The School of Health offers you a wide range of master's degrees and graduate studies and provides the resources you need to further your career.

The School of Health has the most innovative technological facilities and equipment to develop your practical skills and prepare you for a promising professional future.

Specialize. Grow. Get where you want to be.

Estudiants dels màsters de la Facultat de Ciències de la Salut de Blanquerna-URL

Excellence is the future


95% employability

According to the AQU Survey, the employability rate for Blanquerna students is 95%.


External internships

You will do internships in hospitals and leading, widely-recognized centers in the sector.


Expert teaching staff

You will learn from expert teachers working in the field, who will provide comprehensive, up-to-date knowledge.


Professional guidance

Through the Alumni network, we will help to guide your career at the end of your studies.

Pre-enroll now and secure your future!

The pre-enrollment period for master's degrees and graduate studies at the three Blanquerna Schools is now open.

When you have decided what you want to study, don't waste time, make sure of your place!


Master's degrees in the School of Health

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Pre-enrollment open

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Pre-enrollment open

Our values

Blanquerna's main objective is to promote academic, teaching and research excellence in a joint commitment to responsible and sustainable social innovation on a local and global scale.

We serve the human being, fostering the transformation of the world, cultivating dialogue and the links between culture, faith and science.

What do our master's degree students say?

"Thanks to having completed this master's degree, I am currently working in the handball section of Futbol Club Barcelona"


Former student of the Master's Degree in Physiotherapy Applied to Team Sports, now a physiotherapist with FC Barcelona


What do our master's degree students say?

"I decided to study the master's degree because I wanted to improve my knowledge and skills in dealing with neurophysiotherapy patients, the hospital field in which I work"

Òscar Vicente

Former Master's Degree student of Neurophysiotherapy


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Excellence is the future