GCM Webinar: «Activism, grassroots movements and US elections»

On October 29th at 4pm CEST, the Emerson-Blanquerna Center for Global Communication is organizing a webinar about Activism, grassroots movements and US elections, with the participation of the independent consultant Betsy Reed and Gregory Payne, from Emerson College, moderated by professor Jaume Suau, coordinator of the Global Communication Management Degree.

They will talk about the upcoming US elections from the perspective of activist movements, both from the left and the right. Many questions will be answered, such as how grassroots movements as well as activist factions could potentially impact the result of the elections. Will ethnic minorities, women’s rights and climate change activists have a greater effect than the array of different right-wing and supremacist groups that support Donald Trump? How could Covid-19 and recent Black Lives Matter protests shape the results?

Join us via Google Meet!

For more information: mail jaumesm@blanquerna.edu