Length of program October 2021 - July 2022
Internships Obligatory at FCB
Credits 60 ECTS
Degree DirectorAlbert Puig-Diví, PhD
Azahara Fort-Vanmeerhaeghe, PhD
Application November 24th, 2020
Total price 12720€

Mandatory professional internships

The practices are so relevant in this master's degree that they consist of 2 clearly differentiated modules.

The first module consists of practices that take place at the FC Barcelona's Joan Gamper Sports City and consists of performing 75 hours that must be done for 3 weeks with the timetable from 3.30pm to 8.30pm. These practices have a differentiated cycle between the 3 weeks where the student makes an itinerary that forces him to go through the Medical Services of the club and different sports sections, accompanying the physiotherapists and re-adapters of different teams.

In the second module of internships, 100 hours must be spent in one of our collaborating centers or, at the proposal of the student and with the approval of the management, in a new national or international destination. The timetable of this module is related to the center that the student chooses.

Practices centers

Futbol Club Barcelona - FCB
Mandatory practices that are carried out in the FC Barcelona's Joan Gamper Sports City and have an itinerary that involves passing through the medical center and through different sports, teams and categories.

FIFA medical Centre of Dubai
The Health & Medical Services (HMS) group is one of the leading health care providers in the UAE. HMS is a network of hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and other healthcare facilities that services the UAE.

Residencia Blume
Sports technical center managed by the Directorate General of Sports (Generalitat de Catalunyaa). Practices aimed at training ages and focused on the rehabilitation and rehabilitation of sports injuries.

Global Performance
High performance sports center / laboratory in Barcelona. Physical training aimed at solving the problems of elite athletes and those who want to improve their performance: training, prevention of injuries, rehabilitation and rehabilitation.

CE Europa
In the heart of the Gracia district is this historic team from the city of Barcelona. These practices focus on the process of active recovery and rehabilitation of sports injuries in the club's training teams.

Center located in Vilassar de Mar and integrated into a sports environment, designed to prevent injuries and maintain physical condition to optimize performance in any sport.

Sports rehabilitation and rehabilitation center integrated in the Sant Andreu Swimming Club of Barcelona. It aims to help athletes to get back into sports as quickly as possible after an injury due to overuse or trauma, whether a professional or amateur athlete. It also helps improve physical fitness and / or performance to minimize the risk of injury and achieve athletic goals.

Center of Barcelona that offers a differential service of integral health of the highest quality and where anyone who wants to have different health professionals, sports and enjoy the latest technology can go.

R2 Healthlab
It is a center that defines itself as a laboratory of physical preparation and functional rehabilitation that aims to improve the quality of life of people through physical activity.

Health and sports center to help a fast recovery after sports injury and improve the sports performance of its customers. Internships can be carried out at its two locations: RQsport Sant Cugat and RQsport Barcelona.

Real Club de Polo FCB
Specific practices in this historic club in Barcelona that are developed in teams of the highest male or female grass hockey category.

Joventut de Badalona
Practices in the different formative basketball teams and, also, in the first team of the ACB in order to help the sportsmen to recover after sports.

Practices in different football teams
Atlético Club de Bilbao, Benfica, RCD Mallorca and RCD Español. In all these clubs there is the possibility of being able to carry out the rehabilitation and rehabilitation postlesió in formative soccer and, in some of them, also in the first equipment.

Instituto Guttmann
These practices aim to promote, promote and achieve the comprehensive rehabilitation of people affected by a spinal cord injury, acquired brain damage or other disability of neurological origin, from adapted sports.

Ramon Vila Fisio
Center located in the city of Olot where the objective is to prevent, maintain, recover and retrofit functionality through active physical and manual resources.

Espai Salut
Vic city center that specializes in physical activity, sports performance, physiotherapy and osteopathy.