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University expert certificate in Maternal Lactation

Pre-enrollment open

Lactància nen prenent pit
  • Modality
  • Languages
    Spanish, English
  • Duration
    7th edition: October 2022 - July 2023
  • Credits
  • Date
    October 1, 2022
  • Places
  • Faculty

    Blanquerna School of Health Sciences

Title of Expert in collaboration with LactApp

The Blanquerna Faculty of Health Sciences and lactApp offer the title of University Expert in Breastfeeding, a professional program designed for health professionals who wish to improve and deepen their knowledge, skills and aptitudes, for the care of the woman and the child during lactation. All the postgraduate theoretical training allows you to prepare for the IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) exam.

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Who is it for?

The title of university expert in Breastfeeding is mainly intended for active professionals in the different areas of maternal and child care and focused on improving their resources when caring for mothers and babies: midwives, nurses, nutritionists, dentists, speech therapists, doctors, pharmacists, among others.

Great scope for professional growth

Start of milk production: breastfeeding pain and factors affecting the course of breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding: a view throughout history in terms of gender

Health of the mother-infant dyad: evolution of the infant and situations of complexity

Situations that put breastfeeding at risk: devices, evidence and research

If you choose the title of expert in Breastfeeding you choose ...

The aim of the training in Breastfeeding pursues the improvement of the quality of care in the maternal and child population through the foundation of the interventions with the best available scientific evidence.

  • Achieve competence in comprehensive care for mother and baby during breastfeeding. The program provides training for advanced practice based on the female-centered care model and the latest scientific evidence available. This also allows for theoretical preparation for the IBCLC exam.
  • Online mode. Ideal combination of live workshops and webinars with deferred classes to facilitate learning and conciliation
  • The teaching staff. The program is taught by renowned national and international specialists
  • Innovation. New training techniques
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Academic information

alumnes en grup a classe FCS

Pla d'Estudis


Inici de la producció de llet,, dolor a l’alletar i factors que afecten el curs de la lactància (4 ECTS)

-Fisiologia, anatomia i endocrinologia de la lactància materna

-Embaràs, part, primeres hores

-Habilitats clíniques

-Patologia (materna i infantil)


Lactància materna: una visió al llarg de la història en clau de gènere (5 ECTS)

-Història de la lactància materna en clau de gènere

-Psicologia, sociologia i antropologia

-Salut pública i lactància materna

-Donació de llet materna


Salut de la díada mare-lactant, evolució del lactant i situacions de complexitat (6 ECTS)

-Nutrició (materna i infantil)

-Evolució del lactant

-Situacions especials


Situacions que posen en risc la lactància, dispositius, evidència i investigació (5 ECTS)

-Retorn a la feina i lactància

-Farmacologia, tòxics i proves diagnòstiques

-Xarxa de suport de la madre que alleta: recursos i productes

-Investigació i ètica en lactància materna

Alumnes a la Graduació Blanquerna 2019

A direct link to your future career

Our work doesn't finish the moment you graduate. The Alumni department will support you to enable us to achieve an employment rate of 90% of students in the first year after graduation


Alba Padró

Laia Aguilar

Mª Carmen Collado, PhD

Esther Jimenez

Desirée Mena, PhD

Serena Brigidi, PhD

Anna Martín

Raimon Milá

Maria Viñas

Carlos González

Mariona Busto

Fatima Camba

Alba Sánchez

Anna Llupià

Inma Pablos

Marta Busquets

Laia Rovira

Alba Sánchez

Yndira González

Inma Marcos

Ivan Bettinsoli

Vanessa Pleguezuelos

África Villaroel

Esther Vallès

Maria Berrozpe, PhD

Helena Angel



Per fer la inscripció, cliqueu l'enllaç següent i seguiu els passos que es van indicant.



Total price
€ 1900 + € 100 (pre-registration)
Tuition fee per credit
Facultat de Ciències de la Salut FCS

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