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SINTE-Lest: Interuniversity research seminar on teaching and learning strategies, reading and writing

The SINTE-Lest research team is part of the SINTE Interuniversity Research Seminar. The main lines of work of the team focus on the training of researchers, academic and scientific writing in different contexts and levels —from secondary to expert researchers— and the training of research teachers.

The backbone is to identify, design and provide tools to improve the learning and development of professionals and their communities.

Seminari d'investigació interuniversitari d'estratègies d'ensenyament i aprenentatge, lectura i escriptura (SINTE Lest)

Group work areas

The main lines of research of the group are:

Writing in Academic and Scientific Contexts. Lead researcher: Dr. Montserrat Castelló

Researcher Backgrounds and Identity Development. Lead researcher: Dr. Montserrat Castelló

Construction and Development of the Teaching Identity. Educational Change through Processes of Inquiry at Schools. Lead researcher: Dr. Eva Liesa

Services offered by the group

The SINTE-Lest group offers personalized training and consultancy, and the design and creation of teaching materials around the group's three main lines of research:

Academic and scientific writing

Development and training of new and expert researchers

Teacher training and processes of reflection and pedagogical innovation at all levels of education

These topics are addressed on a personalized basis based on demand and can be geared both to institutions (universities, schools, non-governmental organizations, PhD schools, etc.) and to groups and individuals (teachers, research teams).

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