Research Group on Psychology, Person and Context (PSICOPERSONA)


This group’s work focuses on understanding the person in all their dimensions (biological, psychological, social and spiritual). With its roots in an understanding of psychology and anthropology, it focuses on the characteristics present in different stages of the life cycle with a special emphasis on childhood and old age. The group is also interested in understanding the contextual situations and circumstances which facilitate or hinder processes of human adaptation and change.

Beyond this understanding, the group also explores professional approaches that facilitate change processes, especially psychotherapy, with a specific emphasis on integrative perspectives and inclusion of the person as a whole, attaching importance to interpersonal dimensions (therapeutic alliance, therapist’s style) as well as the more emotional dimensions, with music therapy, for example. It is also interested in applying this knowledge to specific situations which involve affective ties (losses, grieving processes, adoptions) or motivation (conventional and new addictions, especially addictive behaviours in online social networks).
The purpose is to provide individuals with greater awareness and greater self-knowledge of their potential and talents (emotional and social competences), bearing in mind and enhancing all the dimensions which are at play (including the spiritual dimension). We further explore this kind of potential through contributions from perspectives like positive psychology and mindfulness. The research group is also interested in developing a deeper understanding of our knowledge of people from both an epistemological perspective and an ontological and methodological vantage point, as well as the contexts that enhance the formation of people (higher education).

Lead Researcher (LR)
Dr Josep Gallifa i Roca

Brief CV
Dr Gallifa holds a Bachelor’s in Mathematics and a Bachelor’s in Philosophy and Education Sciences, as well as a PhD in Philosophy and Education Sciences from the University of Barcelona. He is the Chair in Philosophy and Education Sciences at Blanquerna – Ramon Llull University. He has occupied different positions, including: Director of the Blanquerna Teacher Training School; first dean of the Blanquerna Faculty of Psychology, Education and Sport Sciences; and first secretary general and academic vice rector of Ramon Llull University. He has also published a number of scholarly and popular articles in the fields of learning and human thinking and higher education. He has supervised 19 doctoral theses and is a member of numerous scientific and editorial committees. He has earned accreditation as an advanced researcher and has four avenues of research recognised by CNEAI.