Research Group on Interlinguistic and Intercultural Competence in Language Teaching and Learning (CILCEAL)


Services offered by the group

1. Training in research on language acquisition and the development of intercultural competence (language, translation and children’s and youth literature)

2. Professional training targeted at:

  • English teachers in preschool, primary and secondary school
  • English teachers at university language schools 
  • Translation teachers
  • Teachers interested in learning HCFLL at any educational level

3. Consulting on:

  • The role of the native language, other languages and translations in learning a foreign/additional language 
  • The use of the native language (“heritage languages”) in foreign languages as a factor of social integration 
  • Teaching English using HCFLL (holistic content and foreign language learning)
  • The integrative multilingual approach to language teaching and learning 
  • The role of children’s and youth literature in the development of intercultural competence and learning a foreign/additional language 
  • Teaching translation