Research Group on Interlinguistic and Intercultural Competence in Language Teaching and Learning (CILCEAL)


Research projects (2007 - today)

Financed projects

2013-2014. RDI project: “Design and experimentation of a teaching model to encourage multilingual competence in foreign language teaching-learning”, ref. EDU2012-38452. Dr Maria González Davies and Dr Cristina Corcoll López. LR: Dr Olga Esteve Ruescas, U. Pompeu Fabra.

2010-2012. “The implementation of holistic content and foreign language learning (HCFLL) in university settings. Observation and documentation of good HCFLL practices in EHEA degrees”. AGAUR_MQD (Improving Teaching Quality), ref. 2010MQD00139. LR: Dr Maria González Davies.

2010-2013. Comenius Project: TODDLER: "Towards Opportunities for Disadvantaged and Diverse Learners on the Early-childhood Road". Lifelong Learning Programme. LR: University of Stavanger (Norway). Dr Cristina Corcoll López and Carme Flores Muxi.

2008-2009. “Learning English in Physical Education”. MQD (Improving Teaching Quality). FPCEE Blanquerna, U. Ramon Llull. LR: Dr Sara Figueras.

2007-2009. “Interlinguistic and Intercultural Competence in Language Teaching and Learning”. Research Support Aid, Ramon Llull University. LR: Dr Maria González Davies.