Degree in Psychology

On-line Application
Length of program 4 years
Timetable morning or afternoon
Internships compulsory
Credits 240 ECTS
Application Open
Modality On-site

The Bachelor’s in Psychology 

The degree of Bachelor’s in Psychology provides comprehensive training in the professional competences and enables graduates to practise the profession in different areas of specialisation, such as clinical and health, education, and organisations and human resources. A psychologist has the scientific knowledge needed to understand, interpret, analyse and explain human behaviour in order to meet the demands of different contexts and settings:
Clinical and health psychology focuses on the psychological evaluation, diagnostic and intervention of people who are suffering from a mental disorder or are experiencing upheaval.
The psychology of organisations and groups is concerned with studying human behaviour in these contexts.
Psychology in the field of education studies the processes that people experience in teaching-learning.
Students can complete this training in order to work professionally as a psychologist with the University Master’s in each specialisation that our faculty offers.

Your added value

The Blanquerna methodology provides the strategies needed to become a sound professional in the field of psychology through small-group work (Seminars) guided by a professor-mentor, tutorials and personalised attention by faculty who combine teaching and professional practice, along with an obligatory practicum in prestigious schools and centres. Students also have the chance to study at universities abroad through different mobility programmes.

Service for Elite Athletes

The advising service for students who are elite athletes at FPCEE Blanquerna was founded during the 2003-04 school year, only two years after the start of the degree programs in Sciences of Physical Activity and Sport, in the face of increasing demand for quality university education. The overall goal of the service is to provide these students with assistance in incorporating university studies through individualized attention, while never losing sight of the pursuit of excellence and academic rigor. Measures to attend diversity already exist in high school, and it’s only logical for it to continue to be offered by universities. You can find more information at the following link.