Length of program 4 years
Timetable morning
Internships compulsory
Credits 240 ECTS
Application Open

Degree in Primary Education (English)

Academic load: 240 ECTS
Duration: 4 academic years
Timetable: morning

The Degree in Primary Education (English) meets the increasing need of schools to have a group of professionals among their staff that can teach any Primary Education curricular area in English.

Primary Education (English) teacher training offered at Blanquerna is supported by 65 years of experience and innovation in teacher training, which has always met the needs of educational centres and our changing world that demands for new training proposals. In this respect, English has always been present in the syllabuses of the different degrees given at Blanquerna since the Teacher Training curriculum of 1970, which already defined some compulsory subjects in English. Many of those Blanquerna graduates have been pioneers in the introduction of English in Catalan schools. This is a good example of how the presence of Blanquerna graduates in the educational world has given a response to educational needs at every moment. Thus, Primary Education (English) teachers, following this tradition, will have sound and demanding training with a high level of multilingual and intercultural competence, and will be able to lead and be part of multilingual educational projects in Primary Education centres, in the framework of a school open to families and the environment.

The curriculum is the same as that of the Degree in Primary Education. The specificity of this proposal lies in the fact that more than half of class sessions are in English.

Primary Education (English) undergraduates have the chance to:

- Achieve the level of English needed to teach using this language.
- Take most subjects of their curriculum in English or as a CLIL subject.
- Take part in forums, conferences and congresses connected with the multilingual school.
- Take part in international exchange programmes.
- Develop practical activities in educational centres with multilingual linguistic projects in all the years of their degree course.
- Extend their professional possibilities by taking the Primary Education / Early Childhood Education Double Degree course.
- Take part in national and international solidarity projects, and in activities connected to their land.

To have access to this training itinerary, the selection process will take the following criteria into account:

- Student’s academic record
- Mark in the access test
- Level of English

Fee per credit:

Subjects first and second year at 129.10 /credit
Subjects third and fourth year at 117.36 /credit

Second Degree

Duration: 1 academic year
Usual timetable: evening

Once graduated in the Primary Education (English) Degree, students have the change to obtain a Second Degree in Early Childhood Education with the validation and adaptation of credits according to their particular itinerary and by taking the remaining credits in an academic year in order to obtain their Degree in Early Childhood Education.

This model allows Blanquerna students to enter the labour market after four years; to obtain two Teacher Training degrees in five years (Early Childhood Education + Primary Education); to have training in a second degree from a globalizing approach with small groups and professionalizing seminars with 12-15 students; and to have the chance to carry out placements in renowned centres, tutored by teachers from the university and these centres.