Length of program 3 years full time
CoordinationDr. Jaume Radigales
Application 24/11/2021
Modality On-site
Price 955€

Research groups linked to the PhD program in Communication

Research activity in Blanquerna School of Communications and International Relations is structured around its six research groups. All groups have been awarded with a quality certificate by the Catalan Government. 

Main areas of research

Sociology of communication. This includes the study of social conflict, the media treatment and social perception of violence, the digital divide and inter-generational conflicts, and the representation of the other in new media, among other areas.

Corporate communication. This encompasses a wide range of subjects: communication audits, the role of communication strategies in fostering change in organizations, corporate communication strategies, new trends in branding, public relations and corporate culture, advertising creativity and planning, issues management and the use of new technologies in political communication. 
Film and television. Politics and cultural identity through the media, audiovisual and transmedia narratives, identity in film, television and transmedia. The intersection between cultural citizenship and television and new ways of film exhibition in the digital era.
Technology and communication. This includes subjects such as the study of the impact of technology on journalistic and communicative practices, media convergence, ethics and responsibility in journalism, technology and communication policies, and technology and media regulation.
Journalism, politics and democracy. Research projects include studies on political commitment, media and citizenship, international communication, professional journalism, participation and active audiences in the digital public sphere, among others.

International Relations. This includes subjects on international relations such as foreign policy, economic, cultural and communications sectors of governments, in multilateral organizations, in multinational corporations, in business internationalization projects and in development cooperation agencies.