Length of program 3 years full time
CoordinationDr. Jaume Radigales
Application 24/11/2021
Modality On-site
Price 955€

Supervisors of the PhD Program in communication


Research Group

Priority Research lines

Aran, Sue*Digilab

Journalism, politics and democracy. Gender and social networks. Serial fiction, audiovisual representations. Uses and media practices. Youth and YouTube. Ethics of communication.

Ballano, SoniaEidos

Sociology of communication. Digital divide and intergenerational conflicts.

Busquet, Jordi*Eidos

Sociology of communication.

Carbonell, Josep Ma. Stream

Technology and communication. Media, Culture and Religion. Humanities and Communication in Cultural. Transformation. Politics, Communication and Justice.

Casals, XavierEidos

Sociology of communication. Analysis of the impact of political violence in the Transition to democracy in Spain. The evolution of the extreme right in Europe, Spain and Catalonia.

Castells, AntoniEidos

Sociology of communication. Communication and resistance. Global communication..

Cuenca, Joan*GRECPRP

Business Communication. Strategy applied to relationships public.

DÍez, MíriamStream

Technology and communication. Communication, religion. Youth and Communication. Gender.

de Felipe, Fernando*Fahrenheit

Cinema and television. History of Cinema and television. Image theory. Audiovisual Genres. Audiovisual narrative

Gómez, Ivan*Fahrenheit

Cinema and television. Representation policies. History of cinema and television. Theory of cinema..

Fondevila, Joan R.GRECPRP

Business Communication. Strategy and creativity in advertising and public relations. Interactive advertising and new advertising formats.

Franch, PereStream

Technology and communication. Political communication. social media. Journalism.

Franquet, MiguelEidos

Sociology of communication. Political Philosophy. Ethics and Communication.

Mateos, ÒscarGlobalCodes

International relations. Critical peacebuilding studies. Conflict and security narratives. Political protest in Africa.

Medina, Alfons*Eidos

Sociology of communication. Sociology of culture. Immigration and the media. Education and ICT. Political Communication and deliberative democracy. Research methods in Communication.

Micó, Josep L.*Stream

Technology and communication. Application of the technologies of the fourth industrial revolution in the communication industry. New professional profiles in the communication. Ethics on platforms digital. Political communication in new media. Leadership and influence in the virtual environment.

Ordeix, EnricGRECPRP

Business Communication. Organizational communication. relations Public. Social Responsibility and corporate diplomacy

Radigales, Jaume*Eidos

Sociology of communication. Music and audiovisual. Opera and cinema. Audiovisual narrative. Music journalism. History of the Barcelona press.

Rom, Josep*GRECPRP

Business Communication. Strategy and creativity in advertising and public relations. Interactive advertising and new advertising formats. City branding and smart city. Strategies of communication and sustainable mobility. Visual communication, design and art direction..

Ruiz, Carlos*Digilab

Journalism, politics and democracy.Digital journalism. Active Audiences. Disinformation. Ethics of Communication. Freedom of press and expression. Misinformation.

Sáez, Ferran*Eidos

Sociology of communication. Democracy and communication. Collective memory and communication. Communication and argumentation.

Santana, EvaGRECPRP

Business Communication. Visual communication, design and art direction.

Salazar, AníbalEidos

Sociology of communication. Hispanic American Literature and Spanish. Relations Transatlantic. Civil war Spanish. Canon, history literary and anthologies. Poetry of Argentina and Mexican Literature.

Sintes, MarçalDigilab

Journalism, politics and democracy. Journalism. Political communication. Blockchain. History of journalism. Collective memory.

Solà, AndreuGlobalCodesInternational Relations
Suau, JaumeDigilab

Journalism, politics and democracy. Audience research. Media Systems. Disinformation. Media and democracy. 

Yeste, ElenaEidos

Sociology of communication. Journalism. Political communication. Blockchain. History of journalism. Collective memory..

Data as of 06/15/2021.