Length of program 1 year
Timetable afternoon
Credits 60 ECTS
CoordinationDra. Cristina Corcoll
Application Open


The curriculum of official Master’s degrees gives the Practicum a core role in student training. The Practicum is the best way to articulate theoretical and practical knowledge. It is a chance to discover the functionality of what has been learned and to find out the applications of what is being studied; it offers relevant contact with the professional world and is therefore an important source of professional and personal enrichment; it also develops the critical and self-critical thinking needed to ask questions and is thus an essential driver of scholarly research and overall academic and professional development.

The Blanquerna–URL Faculty of Psychology, Education and Sport Sciences has signed English teaching agreements with early childhood and primary schools where students can do their practicum.

The practicum can be done in different settings:

  • In early childhood and primary schools which are implementing innovative foreign language teaching projects. In this case, the practicum will be mentored by a foreign language teacher who will be recognised as the practicum mentor at the school, and by a professor-mentor in the Master’s Practicum who will be in charge of the student’s practicum in the Faculty. Both mentors will work together in collaboration to ensure the student’s learning. What is more, at each school a coordinator will ensure that the practicum is going smoothly, will monitor it and will be in charge of coordinating academic departments to ensure the utmost quality, as well as maintaining contact with the practicum student’s home university. This organisation of the practicum allows for simultaneous theory and practice, the personal and professional competencies needed to teach and professional mentoring from both the university and the school. 


  • The practicum can also be done at the Generalitat de Catalunya’s Department of Education.

The Practicum entails 120 hours of practices at the chosen setting, preferably between the months of February and May (second semester).

Regulations for external placements in FPCEE Blanquerna-URL master's courses

Personal Development Seminar

The Practicum includes a personal and professional development workshop worth 3 ECTS called the Personal Development Seminar; the purpose of this workshop is to contribute to the personal development of Master’s students. For this reason, they are given a plan for acquiring emotional and social competencies, in addition to reflecting on their profession and on the service or collaborative attitudes that this profession entails. To develop these professional and personal competencies, students will work on acquiring leadership skills, teamwork skills, emotional management, assertive communication and creativity.

Degree Program: Personal Development Seminar