Length of program 1 year
Timetable afternoon
Credits 60 ECTS
CoordinationDra. Cristina Corcoll
Application Open

Master’s Final Project (MFP)

The Master’s Final Project is designed according to students’ personal and professional interests. Its ultimate goal is to use personal research to contribute to improving the students’ own professional career in addition to effecting improvements in the educational setting, to the extent possible.
Students must turn in a Master’s Final Project which will be supervised by a PhD professor affiliated with the Master’s programme. This project must be publicly defended before a committee made up of PhD professors in the Master’s programme.

Defence of the project

Students have ten minutes to defend their project. They should prioritise the aspects from their project that they deem the most important and make a clear, precise and comprehensive summary of it. Once this presentation is over, the student must respond to any observations, comments and questions from the members of the panel.
The Master’s Final Project must be written and defended in English.

Evaluation criteria

The criteria for evaluating the Master’s Final Project refer to the competencies attained during the process of developing it, the final product and its defence. For this reason, the final evaluation will be the outcome of different partial evaluations:

  • Competencies attained during the process of developing the project: The student’s persistence and perseverance in developing the project will be evaluated, along with their progress in acquiring the skills and attitudes needed for research and intervention. This assessment will be made by the project supervisor.
  • Product: The project will be assessed according to different aspects required in the majority of scholarly publications to ensure the coherence and quality of research or interventions.
  • Competence achieved in the oral defence: The clarity, precision, originality and quality of the oral presentation of the project will be assessed depending on the conditions required by oral communication before a panel.

Students earn a passing mark (5/10) on the competencies of each of the three assessment phases. If needed, they may redo the phases not passed in a second round depending on the recommendations of the supervisor.
The final mark of the project will be issued by the panel in an official grade report.