Length of program 1 year
Timetable morning
Credits 60 ECTS
Degree DirectorDra. Mónica Solana-Tramunt
Application Open

Master’s Final Project (MFP)

Whenever possible, the Master’s Final Project (MFP) should be directly related to the Practicum. The goal is to develop an innovative intervention plan in the field of health or sport which is contextualised in a real setting where the Practicum was done or is underway.

The project consists of two parts:

The first part should follow the traditional sections in a research study: justification, objectives, theoretical referents, fieldwork, data processing and conclusions. The second part will be the specific outline of a contextualised intervention proposal with objectives, methodology, instruments to be used, etc.

In accordance with the explicit competences of this module, in the evaluation of the MFP:

  • The match with the objectives and methodological design, the fit with the topic of study and the context, as well as the monitoring of the project in the Seminar (group tutorial) and individual tutorials will be taken into account.
  • The presentation of the project (formal aspects), the quality of the theoretical referents, the analysis and the final proposal, duly argued and presented, will also be evaluated.
  • Finally, the presentation and defence will be taken into account when evaluating the Master’s Final Project.

Students will have to submit a Master’s Final Project involving research or intervention which will be supervised by a professor-supervisor from the Master’s. This project must be publicly defended before a committee made up of professors from the Master’s programme who must be PhDs. It is recommended that one of the members of the committee come from outside the Master’s and have professional experience in the topic, but that this person must be a member of a post-graduate programme in the Blanquerna-URL Faculty of Psychology, Education and Sport Sciences.